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Preparedness Levels


National Multi-Agency Coordination
Group Preparedness Level (1-5):
Preparedness Levels are
dictated by fuel and weather
conditions, fire activity,
and resource availability.
The five Preparedness Levels
range from 1 to 5,
with 5 being the highest level.
Each Preparedness Level has
specific management directions.
As the Preparedness Levels rise,
more federal and state employees become
available for fire mobilization if needed.

Southern GACC Preparedness Level (1-5):
Identifies levels of Rx fire/wildland fire,
all-hazard activity, severity and resource
commitment to take appropriate actions
and modify fire management activities.

TAMFS State Preparedness Level (1-5):
Increments of planning and actions
based on burning conditions, regional preparedness
levels, capacity of local fire departments,
external use of fire suppression resources,
and current/future cost of
fire suppression activities.

TAMFS Regional Preparedness Level (1-4):
Increments of planning and actions
characterized by underlying wildland
fuel conditions, anticipated number of
fire occurrences/resource commitment,
and potential fire behavior.

Fire Risk Assessment

Supporting Impacted Communities

Aviation Management

Multi-Agency Coordination

Mobilization of Response Resources

Response Training

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The Texas Interagency Coordination Center (TICC), located in Lufkin, is a cooperative effort of the Texas A&M Forest Service, the US Fish & Wildlife Service, the US Forest Service, the National Park Service, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Texas Parks & Wildlife and the Nature Conservancy.

Since opening in 1998, TICC has mobilized more than 60,000 emergency response personnel and hundreds of aircraft and pieces of equipment from all over the United States to support disaster relief efforts in Texas.

Fire weather forecasts, fire risk assessments and drought indices are some of the tools that may assist in critical decisions; volunteer fire departments will benefit from the services described under the FD Assistance link and the state-wide mutual aid plan is readily available.


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