Fire Reporting

Fire Department Fire Reporting

Most of the wildland fires in Texas go unreported at the state and national levels, resulting in missed opportunities for significant federal funding. Everyone loses when fires are unreported, including fire departments, the state and Texans. Additionally, without complete fire reporting, it is difficult to accurately express wildland fire issues at the state level. The TFS Online Fire Department Fire Reporting System is useful in a number of ways such as:

  • Reported wildfire causes can be used to develop focused prevention programs
  • Documented costs per reported fire are recognized by FEMA for required cost documentation
  • Queries can access useful maps, data lists and daily fire statistics

TFS Fire Reporting

The TFS Fire Reporting System is the internal reporting system used by Texas A&M Forest Service Employees to report fires that TFS responded to with state assets. Since 2014 this functionality was integrated into Dispatch Tracker the internal Computer Aided Dispatch web application.